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Thank You Celebration!

As March comes to a close, we realize Connect Chiropractic is fast approaching its one year anniversary! There is only one way to feel at such an important time as this… Grateful.   We are grateful for so many things, especially the connections we have made in and out of the office. We are grateful for the patients that we’ve seen and the referrals they’ve sent. We are grateful for the positive reviews and even the less than positive feedback. (Yes, that first website was a...

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Treatment Expectations

Earlier today I had someone come to do work at my house. I had gotten the name through a referral partner and I already knew that the person was a good cost. My expectations were moderately high going into the visit based on both cost and the fact that he was a recommendation. After he left, I sat back and thought about the visit. I thought that he basically “met” my expectations and that was it. I was by no means disappointed, he answered all my questions, and I felt he gave me the...

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Shoulder Pain Explained

I’ve always been convinced the the shoulder is quite possibly the worst designed joint in the body. Which makes it one of the most interesting to treat!! Lets break down the shoulder and shoulder pain generators today: The bones of the shoulder consist of the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle with the rib cage and neck serving as attachments for ligaments, tendons and muscles. I think the simplest way to look at how the shoulder works is to imagine a golf ball on a tee and then tip it...

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Healing Time for an injury

Hello Friend – I’ve been looking into ideas to continue teaching my readers and a friend suggested I use the most commonly asked questions I hear in the office. If you have a question you would like me to answer, please feel free to comment below and I’ll put it on my list! How long will this take? That depends on what is diagnosed, and whether there is one diagnosis or multiple issues. Are you here for simply a spinal check? Or did you have a sudden onset of pain? Do you also...

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Core Strength

Core Strength   Core Strength “I need to strengthen my core muscles” – I’ve heard it from about 93% of my patients at some point. Let’s discuss your core muscles. It is a term that I think gets misused frequently or thrown around as some sort of buzz word. But if someone says, “You need to strengthen your core” your response should be, “Which muscle?” If you’ve been into my office, there is a chance that you’ve heard some variation of my...

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Fulfilling your Healthy Resolutions

What were your resolutions last year? Do you even remember them? I can tell you that last year I was pretty specific about my resolutions. Enjoy every minute of wedding planning. Become a morning person. I didn’t reach too far, but I chose what I thought to be attainable goals. I succeeded with exactly 50% of my resolutions. I had a GREAT time planning my wedding. The thing about coming a morning person… Not even close. I made a rookie mistake with my resolutions. I chose...

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The Dull Thud of Headache Pain

Its 2:30 pm and you’ve been spending hours working diligently on your computer. You’re feeling great about what you’ve accomplished when suddenly you start to feel that dull thud into the back and sides of your head. Headache pain! UGH! Horrible timing for a headache! (But then again, is there ever good timing for a headache?!) With just a few questions to rule out anything more serious, those 2 sentences will put almost any practitioner onto the right path for diagnosis and...

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‘Tis the season ~ For a Sore Throat

For stress, less sunlight, closer contact with people.  Also known as prime viral replication conditions.  I’ve already seen a handful of people suffering from Viral Pharyngitis which is the most common cause of a sore throat.  I’m sure a few of you reading this have already had this experience.   This years viral pharyngitis seems to start fairly similar to most years, likewise so are sore throat occurrences. First you get “Warning mode” which can best be described as a fatigued,...

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Skeptic I think that being a skeptic is essential when you work in complementary medicine. Not because I believe that a lot of treatments aren’t real, nor do I believe that anyone is trying to lie to us. I also realize that the hard science isn’t always there to back up a product, which is why I need to see a product in action before I jump in. Kinesiotape is a product that has a distinct moment of clarity for me where I went from being a skeptic, to being a believer. While I was in...

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Ogden Elite Football Camps

So I’ll let you in on a little secret… I LOVE football!! I love watching it and I love treating the young athletes! (I do not particularly like playing it as I don’t like being sore…lol) I watch my Buffalo Bills play every week like its a religion and I’m equally as obsessied with my Fantasy Football team! Long story short – one connection led to another and here I am, telling you about my sponsoring the Ogden Elite Football Camps. Upon meeting Marques...

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