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Diagnosing pain.

Did you know that there is a diagnosis code for virtually every part of your body plus the word “pain.” Low back pain M54.5 Pain in the Thoracic Spine M54.6 Pain in the left foot M76.672 Chronic Bladder Pain R39.82 There are also diagnosis codes for significantly more detailed problems. This is often the reason for the “pain” diagnosis. I can diagnose right facet joint arthritis, or cervical degeneration that causes radiculopathy. There is value in both forms of...

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It is not what you do, it is WHY you do it.

This weekend I filled in another page on my websites. I got right to the point and stated what I did, and how it could help. This morning I got to the office and had a short break between patients. I was feeling more energetic than the spa music that is usually playing in my office so I decided to turn on a Ted Talk while I did my weekly organization. I started (and ended) today with Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. At the end of the talk I thought back to how pathetic my writing...

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Mercier Therapy

Mercier therapy aims to change both the function and the negative associations. By manipulating the tissues, blood flow, scar tissue and pelvic tension are all addressed. The treatment begins with warming the tissues, evaluating your organ position, and ultimately, enhancing blood flow and function. As a Mercier therapist, my goal is to bring both a healthy awareness and healing cells to your pelvis through visceral manipulation.

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Today I don't plan to teach you how to change your breath. Although I'm sure many of you might need a little work. My goal today is simple awareness.

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My feeling on New Years Resolutions

Friends, not a lot has changed in a year. I have to tell you that last years "Fulfilling your healthy resolutions" completely failed me.

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Everything Is Connected

Fascial Connections and philosophy - "Much of the manipulative work of the last 100 years, like most of our thinking in the West for at lease half a millennium, has been based on a mechanistic and reductionist model - the microscopic lens." - Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains

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Volunteering at a Chapel Hill 5k

What do you do to for the purpose simply of doing? When I turned 13 I started "VolunteeNing" with the Buffalo General Hospital. I primarily chose this location because I knew I wanted to do something in the medical profession. (I also chose it because it was where my Mom worked and I could get a ride easily!) Regardless, the act of donating my time became a part of my life.

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Posture Stretch

Doing something for the first time is often difficult... my first youtube video was very difficult (See below... I'm certainly not the next big star!)! Adding this

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Thank You Celebration!

As March comes to a close, we realize Connect Chiropractic is fast approaching its one year anniversary! There is only one way to feel... Grateful.

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Treatment Expectations

I want to be Instagramable. You know what I mean. Picture the last time you went to dinner at a new restaurant and your food came out and it was presented beautifully, your mouth started watering and you thought, "I NEED to share this moment with everyone I know right now!"

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