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Diagnosing pain.

Did you know that there is a diagnosis code for virtually every part of your body plus the word “pain.” Low back pain M54.5 Pain in the Thoracic Spine M54.6 Pain in the left foot M76.672 Chronic Bladder Pain R39.82 There are also diagnosis codes for significantly more detailed problems. This is often the reason for the “pain” diagnosis. I can diagnose right facet joint arthritis, or cervical degeneration that causes radiculopathy. There is value in both forms of...

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“We do that on everyone” – The Insurance Debate

The great insurance debate. So I had a small medical concern that I wanted to get checked out...

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Your Treatment Goals

I get excited when new patients are coming into my office... I hope together we can reach your treatment goals.

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Shoulder Pain Explained

I’ve always been convinced the the shoulder is quite possibly the worst designed joint in the body. Which makes it one of the most interesting to treat!! Lets break down the shoulder and shoulder pain generators today: The bones of the shoulder consist of the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle with the rib cage and neck serving as attachments for ligaments, tendons and muscles. I think the simplest way to look at how the shoulder works is to imagine a golf ball on a tee and then tip it...

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Core Strength

Core Strength   Core Strength “I need to strengthen my core muscles” – I’ve heard it from about 93% of my patients at some point. Let’s discuss your core muscles. It is a term that I think gets misused frequently or thrown around as some sort of buzz word. But if someone says, “You need to strengthen your core” your response should be, “Which muscle?” If you’ve been into my office, there is a chance that you’ve heard some variation of my...

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