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A few months ago I took a training for something called “Mercier Therapy.” I could spend all day explaining in long dramatic prose about what it is and who would benefit. It turns out that sitting down to write and explain myself is not really my forte.

So I’m going to give a very brief overview and then borrow some links from other websites to help describe it in more detail until I write a longer discussion. Mercier Therapy is helpful for Pelvic Pain, Infertility, Painful Periods and other female anatomy related concerns.

Mercier therapy aims to change both the function and the negative associations. By manipulating the tissues, blood flow, scar tissue and pelvic tension are all addressed. The treatment begins with warming the tissues, evaluating your organ position, and ultimately, enhancing blood flow and function. As a Mercier therapist, my goal is to bring both a healthy awareness and healing cells to your pelvis through visceral manipulation.

Mercier Therapy is both an alternative and a complementary treatment for infertility. It is safe and natural. The main component is multiple, typically between 6 and 12, hands-on sessions lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. These sessions focus on the uterus, ovaries and their supporting structures. After a reproductive consultation we will decide if Mercier Therapy is a good fit for you.
In addition to the hands on Mercier Therapy treatment, we will discuss the most common nutritional and lifestyle alterations that need to be made. This can vary from things as simple as gratitude journals and stretching to things as complex as supplements, dietary changes and possibly bio identical hormones. The truth is, reproduction is complex. It takes time and a commitment to see changes.

Take a look at Dr Jennifer Mercier’s Website for details about the intensive training. After you peruse that you can look at her specific office website here and then hop over the and check both the infertility section and his pelvic pain section.

I’ll do my best to get more information out about the treatment soon! If you’re looking for Mercier Therapy in Chapel Hill, NC or anywhere in the triangle, call call us to set up a consultation to chat.

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