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My feeling on New Years Resolutions

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Friends, not a lot has changed in a year. I have to tell you that last years “Fulfilling your ┬áhealthy resolutions” completely failed me. (Or perhaps I failed it?) Regardless, I’ve come to know myself and my body a little better and it turns out that winter is a horrible time for me make changes!

Colleen, (my ‘usually right, how did she know that about me?’ acupuncturist) will probably say something along the lines of “Duh!” once she reads this. But according to various schools of thought, eastern medicine included winter as a time to “Be” and to become aware of oneself. Instead of looking to alter ourselves, we should look inside and find out what unique things make you the person that you are. (You can read more here.)

Some of the things I’ve learned about myself include –

1 – I can’t force myself to be a morning person, especially not in the dark of winter. (I should mention I’m also not a night person. I’m really more of a “Daytime” person…)

2 – I actually do drink plenty of water. I’ve added that extra cup in the morning, and then by the end of the day, when I actually add it up, I’m rarely below 60 ounces. So in that respect, I didn’t even need to change!

3 – I have to exercise when I feel comfortable, not when an article on pinterest says I should.

I don’t believe that I’m looking at the New Year with pessimism, nor do I feel that I don’t want to change. And maybe the New Year is the perfect time for YOU to make changes! For me, the calendar year is not the ideal time to make changes and perhaps it is the same for you?

As Always,
Keep Moving Forward.

Dr Cate