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‘Tis the season ~ For a Sore Throat

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sore throatFor stress, less sunlight, closer contact with people.  Also known as prime viral replication conditions.  I’ve already seen a handful of people suffering from Viral Pharyngitis which is the most common cause of a sore throat.  I’m sure a few of you reading this have already had this experience.


This years viral pharyngitis seems to start fairly similar to most years, likewise so are sore throat occurrences. First you get “Warning mode” which can best be described as a fatigued, heavy body feeling. It is your body letting you know something might be coming! Up next is what I like to call, “Protection mode.” Protection mode is when your body activates its protective mechanisms. You get a bit of a fever and your mucous membranes begin producing as fast and as furious as they can. Your body turns its focus to stopping the infection via white blood cell production. This is essentially your body trying to denature the virus with heat and to keep any viruses from entering through the mucous membranes. Up next is the “Healing mode.” At this point your body starts to reverse the damage and clear out any leftover, now dead viruses.


Oh, and did I mention the very, very sore throat most patients are experiencing

What to Do for a Sore Throat

So now you’ve let your defenses down, and you’re starting to feel “Warning mode.” What should you do?

First – stop and slow down. Plan on needing a few extra hours each day to recover and relax.

 brothSecond – begin taking your favorite immune support supplements. Personally, I immediately start taking Standard Process Congaplex. Then I make sure I plan to get “pho” from the nearest vietnamese restaurant. Its made with Bone Broth! (Super delicious!)


Third – Begin to gargle. One of the best things to help reduce the pain of a sore throat is to do a warm salt water gargle followed by a warm baking soda water gargle. The salt makes it feel better, and the rotating between salt and baking soda shocks the viruses by taking them from a very acidic to a very basic solution.


Fourth – Water, Water, Water! Your body is going to be trying to flush out the virus from your mucous, and mucous requires a lot of liquid! I suggest rotating between cold water and then room temperature or warm water, perhaps with a little raw honey in the water.


gargleLastly – If you’re not getting better, or you’re suffering, go to your primary care provider! Most viruses in an otherwise healthy individual will run their course in about a week. If you don’t feel like you’re getting better, or you’re feeling your symptoms with more intensity, please don’t hesitate to call your doctor.


Oh and get adjusted! Some of the best research out there shows that chiropractic adjustments help give your immune system a boost and therefore fight against a sore throat!