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Your Treatment Goals

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I get excited when new patients are coming into my office. I mean – legitimately excited. So excited that I often text my next door neighbor,Colleen at The Balance Point Acupuncture when I see a new patient on my schedule!

Why do I get so excited? Because I have the chance to meet someone new and I have a new puzzle!! But lets be honest, odds are, you aren’t as excited to be in my office as I am to have you. Why not? Because you’re in pain. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’ve been in chiropractic offices before and you didn’t get the results you expected.  Or maybe you’re afraid its going to cost more than it said on my website.

I’ve come to learn that those fears and concerns I’ve just described are actually one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle.  Without evaluating them, there is a good chance that neither of us are going to leave the appointments as satisfied as we would have liked. The biggest thing that I’m learning I need to ask my patients are, Why have you come to my office and what are your hopes for today’s visit? Do you have treatment goals?

Some people simply want their diagnosis and what I would suggest. These clients are often going to go home, think it through and decide whether or not they want to take my advice. Some patients are ready for me to fix them, starting right now! And some patients want to know if they can fix themselves, with limited help from me or anyone else.

Each of these attitudes is completely acceptable. I’m happy to tell you my diagnosis and my treatment plan for you. The tricky part is the being certain we are on the same page together. I need you to tell me how you’re feeling each and every time. I need you to let me know if we aren’t getting where you want to be. I need to know and I need you to know what you’re looking for from my office.

So what exactly are your treatment goals? What is the reason you’re seeking my care? Let me know and I’ll be happy to help you with whatever you decide!

As Always,
Keep Moving.

Dr Cate