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Shoulder Pain Explained

I’ve always been convinced the the shoulder is quite possibly the worst designed joint in the body. Which makes it one of the most interesting to treat!! Lets break down the shoulder and shoulder pain generators today: The bones of the shoulder consist of the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle with the rib cage and neck serving as attachments for ligaments, tendons and muscles. I think the simplest way to look at how the shoulder works is to imagine a golf ball on a tee and then tip it...

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Healing Time for an injury

Healing takes time and you need the facts: Read on to learn more about your healing time and how long it might take to get out of pain.

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Fulfilling your Healthy Resolutions

I frequently see patients make a similar mistake by creating a goal of "becoming healthy." What does "be healthy" mean to you? I want to challenge everyone to baby steps and to change our New Year Resolution into "6 monthly resolutions." Or a 6 step program to completing your healthy resolutions.

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‘Tis the season ~ For a Sore Throat

For stress, less sunlight, closer contact with people.  Also known as prime viral replication conditions.  I’ve already seen a handful of people suffering from Viral Pharyngitis which is the most common cause of a sore throat.  I’m sure a few of you reading this have already had this experience.   This years viral pharyngitis seems to start fairly similar to most years, likewise so are sore throat occurrences. First you get “Warning mode” which can best be described as a fatigued,...

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Skeptic I think that being a skeptic is essential when you work in complementary medicine. Not because I believe that a lot of treatments aren’t real, nor do I believe that anyone is trying to lie to us. I also realize that the hard science isn’t always there to back up a product, which is why I need to see a product in action before I jump in. Kinesiotape is a product that has a distinct moment of clarity for me where I went from being a skeptic, to being a believer. While I was in...

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Ogden Elite Football Camps

So I’ll let you in on a little secret… I LOVE football!! I love watching it and I love treating the young athletes! (I do not particularly like playing it as I don’t like being sore…lol) I watch my Buffalo Bills play every week like its a religion and I’m equally as obsessied with my Fantasy Football team! Long story short – one connection led to another and here I am, telling you about my sponsoring the Ogden Elite Football Camps. Upon meeting Marques...

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Kick Start a healthier life!

Is it time to clean up your diet and get HEALTHY! Are you suffering from mild aches, pains, general fatigue or unexplained illnesses? Are you looking to start better habits and start taking care of yourself? If you don’t make any changes now, where will your health be in 1 year or 5 years? Learn about doing a 10 or 21 day Whole Foods Cleanse and how you can kick start a healthier lifestyle! REGISTER at or 919-307-9610 Free with free samples! Oct 15th at...

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Posture Stretch 101

Okay, so we all know that your posture can greatly alter your health. I’ve decided to make my first video about the most simple posture awareness exercise out there. Watch the video and learn something! Did I mention its just my first one so don’t make fun of the quality of the video too much! It is definitely about the content more than anything. (Sadly, I think this video helped me to let go of the dream of becoming the next Julia Roberts!)   Cure Pain While...

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Proper Sitting

Have you taken a look at the way your children spend their time sitting when they play? If you’re like a lot of parents, you might just be happy that they are finally sitting down, but the way they are sitting is important! I primarily want to take a moment and focus on the W sitting. You’ve probably seen kids sitting on their tush, with their knees in front of them, and the feet sticking out on either side.There are a few reason why this is a habit you should break right away! 1....

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Speaking at the Chapel Hill Library – I hope you can join us!

UPDATE: Our talk was great! There was a great turnout and everyone left with a truly great understanding of how to be more ergonomic! Next Month, Dr. Cate is excited be presenting for the HOLISTIC CENTER FOR HEALTH & HEALING, INC. 919-630-4067 Mission Statement The Holistic Center for Health and Healing, Inc. exists to enhance individual and community health and wellness through fostering effective collaboration among all healing modalities, through education of practitioners and the...

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