knee painPain relief is just the beginning.  Pain is a sign. Its a sign that something is damaged, or starting to become damaged and covering up pain can only be detrimental to your long term health.  Take a simple example of hip pain and evaluate a few of the ways you may experience pain in the hips.

Do any of these symptoms sound like something you’ve experienced; buzzing, tingling, numbness, shooting pain, sharp pain, tightness, pulling, spasming muscles or deep ache?

Along with all the words you use to describe your pain, your doctor or trainer has probably used many other words to diagnose your pain. Have you been told you have; carpal tunnel,sciatica, impingement, inflammation, degeneration, bursitis, myalgia, myositis, synovitis, or spasm?

human xrayIt’s great that you have that diagnosis and that diagnosis typically describes your pain and part of the physiology, and it often rules out anything more serious and dangerous. But again, that doesn’t tell you WHY you have that diagnosis. Lets take Impingement of the hip joint as your diagnosis. Hip impingement is what is generating your pain, we will treat that to help get you out of pain. But we will spend time looking up and down and from head to toe to determine what else may be involved in causing this hip impingement.

If you’re a runner, perhaps you get pain at around your 3rd mile, or maybe you have a desk job and it doesn’t bother you until after you’ve been sitting for a long time. We need to have a talk and actually peel away the layers of your pain and determine what is causing the problem. We have to put your history together with your specific findings and that will put us on the path to figuring out the most efficient treatment plan.

female runnerIf you experience knee pain after running, don’t assume you should have the pain because you’ve been running.  For example, if you have knee joint pain or chronic knee pain, chiropractor Dr. Cate can help you determine the causes of knee pain and develop a plan how to relieve knee pain.  Chiropractic doesn’t just treat the symptom, but the causes of pain.

Headache pain relief is what many of our clients are in search of when they visit.  Chiropractic is a proven relief technique depending upon the cause of the headache.

Pain can be scary and it can be a great message. It is like the check engine light on your car. It tells you that its time to take the car in because there is damage happening. We all have the same reaction too, “Maybe it will turn off on its own!?”  but that is rarely the case. Our next thought is always, “If I take it in quickly, hopefully it will just be a minor problem.” This is where we encourage you to take care of your body just like you would take care of your car. Get it looked at ASAP, lets make those minor adjustments, and get you back out on the road.  See the best chiropractor Chapel Hill NC, Dr. Cate, and don’t let pain control your life.

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