Chiropractor Chapel Hill NC

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When evaluating your options for a chiropractor Chapel Hill NC, we know there are a lot of factors that you may be taking into consideration. Aside from location and cost we hope that you value time spent with your doctor and time spent discussing your treatment options. We’ve all spent time going to a doctor that started with a one hour wait, four minutes with the doctor, and then another 30 minutes to check out. We understand the frustration and the doubt that often follows. Were you truly heard? Did you get a chance to mention all your symptoms? Did you forget to mention the change in medication? Did you even mention the fact that your foot has been bothering you for a month now? What if that was related?

local chiropractor chapel hill ncEach chiropractor in Chapel Hill NC may vary as much as professionals in every occupation does. There are chiropractors that make you wait, and then do very quick chiropractic adjustments and then you’re out the door.  There are chiropractors that get you in and out and you barely see their face. And there are chiropractors like Dr. Cate.  One who provides a detailed and focused exam with treatment specific to your findings with no waiting and time actually spent with the doctor.

We hope that when searching for your chiropractor in Chapel Hill NC that you value the time spent and focused expertise as much as we do.  While humans are 99% the same, that 1% can make a very large difference in reaction to and progression of treatments. We not only want to know how you’re progressing, we need to know and want to make sure that each visit helps you on your path to health.
As a chiropractor,  we have three goals all with the same general idea. We want to give your body the best chance at healing. Our first goal is to help you get out of pain. Our second goal is to give you the tools to stay out of pain. Our third goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about chiropractic care.

Similar to how you see your dentist routinely to get your teeth cleaned, we believe that everybody should get their spine checked regularly, but we also believe that chiropractic can be so much more than just a spine check. Dr. Cate can give you not only the spinal adjustment you may need, but the soft tissue work, the exercises and the lifestyle changes to get you on the path to true health and healing.  So, make Dr. Cate your local chiropractor Chapel Hill NC.

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