Chapel Hill Chiropractic

I believe that chiropractic care should be easy to schedule and accessible to all. If you feel you need chiropractic care, please, simply schedule an appointment online and then we can discuss any financial or time constraint issues you may have. My fees are clearly stated under COST OF CARE, but know that I am out of network for a reason, not the least of which is my ability to provide income based care.

Connect Chiropractic is your Chapel Hill chiropractic center of choice. Connect Chiropractic formed with the simple goal of providing women and their families with comprehensive, drug free healthcare from a hands-on family chiropractor. We want you and your family to look at your healthcare and chiropractic options, understand and feel empowered in the healthcare choices you are making.  Dr. Cate Niezgoda is the chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC who offers the best in chiropractic adjustment and family chiropractic care.

Chapel Hill is a robust town filled with active families looking to get healthy and stay healthy. With the many healthcare options in the area, chiropractic is a vital first stop for assessing your aches and pains. Dr Cate enjoys focusing on women, runners, and head and neck pain as well. She is also the go to chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC for chiropractic and pregnancy.

Chapel Hill Chiropractic for Pain Relief

When it comes to pain, we want to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. Dr Cate will work to create a focused, organized treatment plan that is individualized for your specific needs. We also know that people progress and respond at vastly different speeds. For that reason, we spend time at each visit evaluating your progress. We have found that many of our clients come in complaining of muscle soreness, headaches, carpal tunnel and knee pain after running.  For that reason, we have much experience using chiropractic medicine to relieve various joint pains and headaches naturally.  Dr. Cate Niezgoda wants all her clients to know she is committed to being known as the best Chapel Hill chiropractic center.

Residents of Chapel Hill are very fortunate to not only have an amazing hospital system and wonderful specialists, they are also fortunate to have multiple chiropractic and complementary health care options. One of the most important parts of TRUE health care is to look at everything that you are doing to make for the most efficient treatment plan with all aspects taken into account. Dr. Cate will happily send reports to your MD or other health care provider in order to ensure all offices are informed.  There are huge chiropractic benefits and it should always be considered part of your whole health care plan.

While family chiropractic care varies greatly among chiropractors, the goal is often the same. To find areas of the spine that are not moving properly and to fix it! Most visits will include a chiropractic  adjustment which can be done in any number of styles and this adjustment will be based on each visits findings. Combined with other treatment and evaluation techniques, Dr. Cate will spend her time in hands on care of the muscles and joints in the extremities as well as around the spine.

We will focus on the treatment of the musculoskeletal conditions along with nutrition advice to help our patients and their families live pain free and vibrant lives! A short drive from Meadowmont, Governors Club and Chapel Hill North, Dr. Cate is conveniently located nearby.  Dr. Cate Niezgoda wants to be your choice for Chapel Hill chiropractic care.