Quickly becoming one of my favorite topics, I have been talking to more and more patients about belly breathing and filling their abdomen and pelvis with pressure. I’ve spent an amazing amount of time looking up the best videos and nothing has satisfied me. (I’ve even debated making my own videos… I’ll keep you posted on this idea!)

Every single person is unique and while we are built similar, we all have a different concept of breathing. Some people are aware of their breath. They have either done yoga, meditation or singing. Or on the opposite side, they have battled asthma or chronic bronchitis. Others are less aware and haven’t given a thought to breathing in years, if ever. So lets do a short exercise…

Take a moment right now and pay attention to your breath. First just feel the air move through your mouth or nose and then feel it fill your lungs. Feel the pressure on your abdomen, or perhaps in your chest and shoulders.

Take about 5 more breaths with focus. SImply feel the air going in and out and feel the beat of your heart as it moves that oxygen through your body. Don’t try to change it. Simply feel it.

Today I don’t plan to teach you how to change your breath. Although I’m sure many of you might need a little work. My goal today is simple awareness.

Try taking a moment each day to be aware of where your breath is moving. And when we meet, we can go into more detail.

As Always,
Keep Moving.

Dr Cate Niezgoda DC